marți, 27 martie 2018

Pichot answer to Feijoo's allegations!

Agustin Pichot the Vice-Chairman of World Rugby answered to what Feijoo, President of Federacion Espagnola de Rugby claimed he stated in a private conversation after the game in Brussels, Belgium-Spain: "I think I would have done more than your players”.

Here is Mr. Pichot answer one of the most influential persons in World Rugby who couldn’t put emotional reactions beyond rugby values.

Tweeter link here

Thank you Mr Pichot for bringing clarity to this rumor that went round the world!

As a reminder Mr. Feijoo, President of Spanish Rugby Union, claimed in front of Spanish press that Mr. Pichot condoned the unacceptable behavior of Spanish players towards Romanian referee Vlad Iordachescu at infamous rugby match Belgium - Spain. 

Let's hope Mr. Feijoo will explain the statements he has made before the Spanish press which prove to be untrue today.

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